COVIOD-19 Relief Project

Our Project

Donation of state-of-the-art Coronavirus testing unit RT PCR Machine to Medical Research Institute (MRI), Sri Lanka. This will include installation, testing, commissioning, training and after sales maintenance for 2 years.
The proposed system is a sophisticated system used not only for current COVID-19 crises but also for future needs. This will enable Medical Research Institute (MRI), Sri Lanka to be better equipped to cater into medical research of the country.

Why Medical Research Institute (MRI), Sri Lanka ?

Medical Research Institute (MRI), Sri Lanka, which is the premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka, with a mission to improve the health of Sri Lankans through world-class medical research so as to achieve the national health goals set by the Ministry of Health. MRI is fully geared with necessary infrastructure to implement the state-of-the-art Fully Automated Extraction PCR System. The staff are also well trained and backed by the Health Authorities.


  1. Patients
  2. Healthcare workers at MRI
  3. Staff who bring samples to MRI from different other labs or hospitals
No. of healthcare workers at MRI:
  • Medical Lab Technicians - 96
  • Virologists - 05
  • Support Staff - 349
  • Total in the premisers - 450